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Learn to carve with Benny

Any old fool with a knife can carve

I run a range of courses that cater to the absolute beginner, as well as to those who know their sharp end from the handle.


1 Day Course

Learn the basics of the age old craft of whittling. Using two different carving knives, you will whittle an animal of your choice. This is a great introduction to carving and its how I learned a lot of the skills I apply in my work on a daily basis. 


You will learn..

  • How to sketch and block out your animals

  • The 3 basic cuts and techniques when using hand tools to carve

  • Knife safety

  • Basic knife sharpening and tool maintenance

  • My sanding watch outs & tips


You will leave the workshop with your animal, and all the skills you will need to create your own animals in the future

Hand Carved wooden Wolf
Candlestick holders with Candles from Trippy Tuesday


5 x Evenings

My practice focuses heavily on using recycled materials and creating more complex, undulating shapes. In this workshop, we will be using a blend of power tools and hand tools to create a candle holder


You will learn..

  • To plan & glue together sculptures to avoid lots of waste

  • The basics of carving with power tools

  • Power tool safety and maintenance 

  • My power-tool sanding tips!


You will come away with a stylish foldy melty piece that will hold a tealight or candle.


It would help to bring some photos on your phone of shapes and forms that you find pleasant, as these may prove great inspiration for the course


Flexible Dates & Times

I am also avaialble for 1 on 1 tuition to help you realise your carving dreams. This could be simply a chat and a day at my studio together, or a series of sessions at the studio to help complete your project.

Close up of a wall art piece from the series "Industrial Driftwood"
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