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Bespoke, hand-crafted & local

Low impact design with locally sourced timber

I come from a generation of fast furniture, man-made materials and a general disregard for the way things are made. In today's throwaway society, we have learned to favour function over form.


Yet today, more than ever, it's important to consider what we are buying as well as how and where it's produced. We need furniture that is built to last, remains timeless and minimises our impact on the planet.


Eco-design is about looking at the whole process of production - from the sourcing of low impact materials, to the choice of polish used on the final piece. The designs themselves are worked through to allow the use of smaller pieces of timber thereby minimising the need to cut down large trees and taking advantage of energy efficient construction methods. 


A lot of what I do is bespoke, designed in collaboration with you, to ensure what is produced delivers on every need, and therefore something you will still love in the years to come. So if you have something specific in mind, or would like any of the pieces pictured in a different wood or finish we can accommodate this.


The way we live our life is informed by our surroundings and furniture is there to describe the life lived around it. Good furniture changes the way we live, but great furniture changes the way we think.


Spalted London Plane

This meditation chair was designed so you can comfortably sit cross legged (or a normal seated position) while still remaining at a comfortable height for a desk or a table. 


Its generous coopered seat provides a comfortable rest in a number of different seating positions and is the perfect place for a moment of pause.


Made from a London Plane tree that fell down in London. You can see the patterns of  spalting from mushroom growth within the tree on the chair legs, seat and back before the tree was liberated from its fate of becoming wood-chip. 


To ensure the chair stands the test of time, mechanical joints have been employed where possible, and the innovative chair rail structure under the seat means that the chair can comfortably support two people. 


Finished using a natural oil finish with 0 VOCs